5 Interesting Facts About Family Law

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Family law is a broad area of law that covers a variety of legal issues relating to families and domestic relations. Here are five interesting facts about family law. 1. Child custody arrangements are based on the best interests of the child When making child custody decisions, courts will always prioritise the child's best interests. Factors that courts will consider include: The child's age, health, and well-being. The child's relationships with their parents, guardians and other family members.

30 November 2022

What a Conveyancer Does and How They Can Help You

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Property owners face many challenges over the course of owning land. If they have children or relatives to leave the property to, they have even more challenges to face. If you are leaving property to loved ones, changing the names on the property titles, or removing easements, you need a conveyancer. That isn't all conveyancers handle, however. There are other tasks they can handle. Here are some of the tasks they can take on after you hire them.

23 August 2022

4 Questions To Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer

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A personal injury is a good weapon when you need compensation for a personal injury. Although most lawyers are highly experienced, it is always wise to interview your preferred lawyer before engaging their services. The interview gives insights into the lawyer's approach and dedication to your issue and whether they are a right fit. Below is an extract with a few questions to ask your personal injury lawyer.  1. Does The Suit Meet The Minimum Requirements?

18 May 2022

How Can You Serve Papers to Your Ex if They Are Overseas?

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If you are trying to pursue a divorce in a family court, but the other party appears to have moved out of the country, matters may be more complex. You will still need to ensure that they are fully aware of your plans, and the court will need to know that they have been informed on a formal basis. While this will involve serving them with the relevant papers, is this going to prove impossible given that they are now overseas?

27 January 2022