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4 Questions To Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer

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A personal injury is a good weapon when you need compensation for a personal injury. Although most lawyers are highly experienced, it is always wise to interview your preferred lawyer before engaging their services. The interview gives insights into the lawyer's approach and dedication to your issue and whether they are a right fit. Below is an extract with a few questions to ask your personal injury lawyer. 

1. Does The Suit Meet The Minimum Requirements? 

It would be needless to pursue the matter if it does not qualify for compensation. Therefore, ask your lawyer whether you will receive compensation for the injury. Typically, the professional examines the circumstances under which the injury occurred. For instance, suppose you suffered a workplace injury; the professional examines your employment contract and the terms of the worker's compensation coverage taken by your employer to establish if you meet the minimum requirements. For instance, you void the right to seek compensation if you were drunk or committing a crime when the injury occurred. Although compensation claims expire within three years, you should make your claim within the first six months. The court expects you to have an explanation if you file the claim later. 

2. What Documentation Do You Need to File The Claim? 

A successful claim heavily relies on documentation. Therefore, your lawyer might require the following:

  • An employment contract if the injury occurred at the workplace.
  • Your payslips to determine the wages lost while recuperating.
  • Statements from people who witnessed the accident will help collaborate your story and provide facts regarding the incident.
  • Hospital records detailing the injury suffered, prescribed medication, rehabilitation protocols, and medical costs. 

3. How Much Will You Claim? 

Several factors will determine the amount that the lawyer can claim as compensation. In essence, your lost income and medical costs take precedence when claiming compensation for an injury. However, the lawyer can claim extra amounts for disability, property loss (suppose your expensive watch or gadget got damaged during the accident), pain, and suffering. The lawyer's claim must be reasonable since they need to justify the claim. If they cannot, you are left at the mercy of the insurance company or the courts. 

4. What Are The Legal Charges? 

Personal injury lawyers have varying price policies; however, you should negotiate for a no-win-no-fee arrangement. It compels the lawyer to negotiate for the highest possible sum since their fee is determined by the amount awarded. Moreover, you do not incur legal charges if the suit is unsuccessful.  

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18 May 2022