Top 5 Things To Disclose To Potential Property Owners

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You can avoid needing the services of solicitors down the road when you get sued for fraud for concealing critical information about the property you are selling. Solicitors strongly advise that you disclose to potential buyers any information that affects the value of your property. Your real estate solicitors will advise you against willfully concealing, among other things, the following. Deaths in the Property Of particular interest to potential buyers would be any deaths related to violent acts in the property and those related to the condition of the property.

24 March 2020

3 Secrets to Build Stronger Domestic Violence Charges

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Being the victim in a domestic violence case can be traumatising since the process gets difficult and expensive sometimes, especially if you don't have a lawyer to represent you. As the victim, you just want to win the case because losing it could mess up your life in a big way. Domestic violence cases involve a thorough investigation, and that's why you should work closely with a domestic violence lawyer to win.

19 March 2020

How Can a Conveyancing Lawyer Assist in Purchasing New Property?

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It is essential to have legal backing whenever you want to purchase a property. This ensures that you have the required knowledge, papers and government approval to make the process fast and stress-free. Conveyancers have the necessary skills and experience to get you the property in question. Note that the laws and regulations may differ from one state to another in Australia. Therefore, it is better to work with a lawyer operating in the same region the property in question is located.

11 March 2020

4 Reasons To Dispute A Will

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A will is a document that states how one would want his or her property divided after death. Various reasons may prompt beneficiaries or outsiders to dispute a will. They include: 1. If the Will Does Not Meet Set Legal Requirements  A legal will must meet the following conditions: The will should not have contradicting statements, and it should not contradict previous contracts, such as premarital agreements.  All pages should be signed and dated by the testator.

14 February 2020

A Guide on Property Settlement After Divorce

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Property settlement is the process through which divorcing or separating couples divide marital property. Below is a comprehensive guide on the property settlement process and the various considerations divorcing couples should make during property settlement.  Work With a Skilled Property Settlement Lawyer An experienced lawyer will guide you through the property settlement process. The lawyer will evaluate your present situation and provide tips on how to approach the process. For instance, if you split the family business, what role should you take?

13 January 2020

A Guide on How To Seek Compensation For Personal Injury

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Seeking compensation for personal injuries can be a daunting task. In the article below, you will learn the various considerations to make when seeking compensation and the process of seeking compensation.  Find a Compensation Lawyer A compensation lawyer will help you evaluate your claim. For example, you cannot claim compensation if the incident took place too long ago. Additionally, he or she will examine the likelihood of a positive outcome. For instance, if the person assaulted you, the lawyer would like to know what happened to eliminate the possibility of the other party arguing that he or she acted in self-defence.

9 January 2020

Is Your Risk Management Procedure Adequate?

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Any business that employs others or that operates in a commercial environment where third-party access is possible must have a comprehensive risk management plan in place. Owners or senior managers must fully understand their obligations and especially when it comes to reporting an incident of any kind. If you are entirely new to this field, what do you need to know about notifiable incidents and your level of exposure? What the Law Says

7 January 2020

DIY Versus Professional Conveyancing: Why DIY May Be an Expensive Affair

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Proponents of DIY conveyancing assert that it is a cost-saving mechanism since the buyer does not have to pay a conveyancer. However, as you will learn in the extract below, DIY conveyancing can be an expensive affair that could leave you in legal troubles. Below are the benefits of hiring a professional conveyancer over DIY conveyancing.  Real Estate Advice Your conveyancer will examine the property and advise you on whether you are getting value for your money.

30 December 2019

Why You Need Professional Help to Serve Court Documents

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For a business to run smoothly and profitably, customers need to pay their bills on time. After all, if they don't pay, then the organisation could quickly slip into the red, and the bookkeeper could encounter cash flow issues when trying to pay those monthly invoices. Thankfully, most clients understand this as they face a similar situation themselves and will settle their accounts before the deadline. Some will not, for one reason or another, and the business owner will need to take action when communication breaks down.

30 December 2019

Complex Estate? How to Avoid Issues When Drafting the Will

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If an individual has a complicated estate, then they'll need to ensure that matters are handled carefully upon their death. They will need to draw up a will and testament that addresses each individual part of their estate and gives clear and unambiguous instructions to the executor. However, some people still run into problems when they draft documentation and may misunderstand some of the legal terminology involved. In some cases, they may expect certain assets to flow automatically through to the estate, but this may not necessarily happen.

27 December 2019