Top Benefits of Online Conveyancers

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A few decades ago, property buyers had to walk to a conveyancer's office down the street for service provision. While this still happens, technology has made it possible for conveyancers to offer their services online. Therefore, you can easily buy a new property right from your living room, but only if you exercise due diligence and choose a licensed online conveyancing firm. Why do some people prefer online conveyancing services? Read on to find out.

30 June 2020

A Guide On Child Custody In Australia

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Child custody is one of the most pertinent issues during divorce. In Australia, the Family Law Act 1975 gives equal parenting responsibility to divorcing couples. As such, parents should collaborate to meet the child's basic needs. Further, they should decide on a suitable way to raise their kids in regard to education, religion and disciplinary measures. Below is a short guide on child custody in Australia.  Consent Orders Couples that would want to divorce through an out-of-court process can file consent orders with the family court.

12 June 2020

Essential Stages of a Conveyancing Process

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Property buyers should be aware of the different statutes governing the conveyancing process in Australia. Each state and territory has its unique conveyancing laws to guide the process of property acquisition. Therefore, buyers should engage a professional to guide them through the various stages. This article highlights the different steps involved in conveyancing.   Pre-Contract  Expressing interest in a particular property is usually the first stage in an asset acquisition. At this stage, a buyer looks for a property that suits their requirements and budget.

2 June 2020

Top 5 Things To Disclose To Potential Property Owners

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You can avoid needing the services of solicitors down the road when you get sued for fraud for concealing critical information about the property you are selling. Solicitors strongly advise that you disclose to potential buyers any information that affects the value of your property. Your real estate solicitors will advise you against willfully concealing, among other things, the following. Deaths in the Property Of particular interest to potential buyers would be any deaths related to violent acts in the property and those related to the condition of the property.

24 March 2020

3 Secrets to Build Stronger Domestic Violence Charges

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Being the victim in a domestic violence case can be traumatising since the process gets difficult and expensive sometimes, especially if you don't have a lawyer to represent you. As the victim, you just want to win the case because losing it could mess up your life in a big way. Domestic violence cases involve a thorough investigation, and that's why you should work closely with a domestic violence lawyer to win.

19 March 2020

How Can a Conveyancing Lawyer Assist in Purchasing New Property?

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It is essential to have legal backing whenever you want to purchase a property. This ensures that you have the required knowledge, papers and government approval to make the process fast and stress-free. Conveyancers have the necessary skills and experience to get you the property in question. Note that the laws and regulations may differ from one state to another in Australia. Therefore, it is better to work with a lawyer operating in the same region the property in question is located.

11 March 2020

4 Reasons To Dispute A Will

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A will is a document that states how one would want his or her property divided after death. Various reasons may prompt beneficiaries or outsiders to dispute a will. They include: 1. If the Will Does Not Meet Set Legal Requirements  A legal will must meet the following conditions: The will should not have contradicting statements, and it should not contradict previous contracts, such as premarital agreements.  All pages should be signed and dated by the testator.

14 February 2020