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How to Make a Car Accident Claim

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Making a car accident claim can be a taxing affair. It is especially so if you do not have sufficient experience in dealing with insurance companies. Read this extract to learn how to make a successful car accident claim. 

Your first task is to hire a compensation lawyer specialising in car accident claims. You will find numerous compensation lawyers over the internet. As such, choosing one that understands your needs can be quite challenging. Below are some tips: 

  • The compensation lawyer must be licenced to work in your state. Other than a good reputation, they should also be affiliated with professional associations.
  • Consider "no win no fee" compensation lawyers. Typically, you will not incur legal charges if the lawyer does not win your case.
  • If your issue is complicated, consider lawyers that offer private investigation services or those that have paralegals to help out with your case.
  • Check the lawyer's terms. For example, what are their working hours? What are your obligations? What are the terms of contract termination? The lawyer must have professional liability insurance. 

Once you find a suitable lawyer, their first task is to gather evidence to prove that the other driver was negligent. Your lawyer will need the footage of traffic cameras, statements from witnesses, and the police. They will then determine the value of your claim. Typically, the lawyer will ask for more money if you suffered severe injuries such as a brain injury, a long term condition, or permanent disability. Some clients provide false information in a bid to increase the value of their claim. Do not attempt to provide incorrect information. Doing so will complicate the compensation process since you will lose your credibility. 

Your lawyer will also represent you during interviews with the insurance adjuster. Insurance adjusters are known to ask tricky questions. As such, your lawyer will inform you what you should or should not answer. The lawyer will also notify you of the behaviours to avoid as you await compensation. For example, if you claim to have suffered a severe, long-term leg injury, you should not post pictures or videos of you engaging in extreme sports. Besides, you should not discuss the claim with third parties such as the media. Once the insurance company accepts your claim, the lawyer will negotiate the compensation terms. 

When making a car accident claim, work with a lawyer, gather sufficient evidence, prepare for interviews with your insurance adjuster, and avoid behaviours that could question the genuineness of your claim. 


19 January 2021