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Why You Should Always Involve A Lawyer When Planning Your Will

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While nobody wants to spend too much time thinking about their own mortality, engaging a wills and estates lawyer to help plan for the future is always wise every once in a while. Often, it only requires one major session to plan all of this stuff out and then you can make minor amendments as you see fit in the future. However, it is essential that you involve a lawyer in this process and not simply attempt to do this on your own. Here are a few ways in which a wills and estates expert can help you out in the future.

Understanding What Can And Cannot Go In A Will

Before you write your will, it is important that you understand what you can and cannot include in them. Wills are legally binding and, therefore, required to operate within the bounds of certain legal frameworks. You cannot force people to do something to receive a monetary gain, for example. However, you can also draft up a statement of wishes that is not legally enforceable, but that will still be read out to the relevant parties with the will. Many people get confused as to what is and isn't allowed to be put into a will, which is why you should always at least schedule one visit with a wills and estates lawyer. 

Keeping It Succinct

No one wants to spend days divvying up their smallest of possessions, which is why an expert can help streamline the process by advising you on what needs to be written down in stone and what can be left unsaid. Not everything has to be explicitly mentioned for it to go to a loving home after you pass. This is especially true if you are survived by your immediate partner, as most of the time they will simply assume full ownership of all your possessions. If you want, you can include them in your will planning so you both decide where your most treasured possessions will end up after you both pass. 

Handling The Transfer Of Ownership

It doesn't matter how many times you tell your family something or mention your will to them, if you do not have someone to monitor this process, then there is no way of ensuring that what you want to happen actually does happen. Wills and estates lawyers are very valuable not only in the planning stage but also after you have passed to ensure the transfer of assets and money happens as planned. You might be surprised at how often wills are subverted when there is no one to oversee them, and often this is done by accident. 

For more information reach out to a wills and estates lawyer. 


6 August 2020