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How Can a Conveyancing Lawyer Assist in Purchasing New Property?

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It is essential to have legal backing whenever you want to purchase a property. This ensures that you have the required knowledge, papers and government approval to make the process fast and stress-free. Conveyancers have the necessary skills and experience to get you the property in question. Note that the laws and regulations may differ from one state to another in Australia. Therefore, it is better to work with a lawyer operating in the same region the property in question is located. They may have a broader understanding and knowledge of conveyancing laws in their territory. Other than help you draw and sign final transfer documents, here are different ways the lawyers may be of assistance.

They Help You Avoid Scams

Experience in the conveyancing fields has given them the knowledge to detect a scam or a con game from a distance. The lawyers know the questions to ask the property owners, the documents to check and the leads to follow when all is not right. They also ensure your rights are protected. People can take advantage of you when you do not know the processes or the costs involved, but when you have an experienced person's guidance, you are less likely to be conned.

They Work Out the Required Government Demands

As stated earlier, every state has its set of regulations and demands when it comes to purchase or transfer of property ownership. The lawyer can acquire the required documents for you and make payments on your behalf, such as payment of the stamp duty as stipulated by the land registry. Also, it is essential to carry out a legal search for the property in question. This enables you to get vital information such as the current owners and their contact details. 

They Can Offer Recommendations

Conveyancers have immense knowledge in most buildings in their locality, including the market value of different properties. Some can go ahead and recommend to you different properties that are for sale after understanding your needs. When the price is exaggerated, they can help you get a good offer. Conveyancers may be present when inspections are carried out by interested clients; therefore, they know the building's structural strengths and can pass the same information to you.

Note that there are other charges that may come up such as insurance rates, utility adjustments, council rates, property inspection and agent fees if any. Ask the conveyancer about this in advance to help you adequately prepare.


11 March 2020