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Howdy! I'm Dan Smith and I live with my wonderful family in Perth. This is my legal blog which aims to look at every part of the legal system. I should point out that i'm not a lawyer myself. However, my good friend Stan has been representing people in court for many years. I find Stan's work fascinating and I love asking him questions. I have even done a bit of my own research into the legal system. I decided to pull everything together here so I could organise my thoughts while also providing useful info for others. Thanks for checking out my blog!

Why You Need Professional Help to Serve Court Documents

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For a business to run smoothly and profitably, customers need to pay their bills on time. After all, if they don't pay, then the organisation could quickly slip into the red, and the bookkeeper could encounter cash flow issues when trying to pay those monthly invoices. Thankfully, most clients understand this as they face a similar situation themselves and will settle their accounts before the deadline. Some will not, for one reason or another, and the business owner will need to take action when communication breaks down. If you find yourself in this position, why do you need to use the services of a professional to make this important connection?

Encountering Problems

In Australia, it is the traditional practice for a company to extend a line of credit to a customer. Often, the company owner will take the client at their word and expect them to live up to their side of the arrangement. Yet the customer may encounter problems on their side, and this may make it difficult for them to take care of their obligations. Still, this is not your problem, and you should expect to get paid, no matter what.

In this case, the problem customer may go to ground and may avoid any communication on the subject. However, you will have to take action as if you don't, you will encounter problems in your own right.

Legal Claim

Your next step will be to lodge a claim through the legal system, and as part of your claim, you will need to deliver documents to the customer so that they are aware of the development.

As you have already seen, it may be difficult, if not impossible, to contact the person in question, probably because they are taking steps to avoid you. In this case, you may find it very difficult to deliver the legal documents or the statement of claim and will not be able to proceed until you can.

Serving Tactics

Therefore, you should bring in a professional who offers process services. They'll be ready to take on the challenge and understand what you need to do in order to locate and contact the individual in question. They know how time-consuming this could be for you and understand that people will try to evade service but have various techniques and strategies in place to get around this.

Taking Action

Don't underestimate the amount of time that you could take and try to shortcut as much as possible. Bring in a professional process server to get the paperwork delivered instead.


30 December 2019